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ADIS16375 Connection/Operational Requirements

Question asked by paulstavrou on Apr 29, 2015
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I am experiencing strange behaviour with the ADIS16375 which i mounted on the ADIS16IMU1/PCBZ.


When connecting the device to the microcontroller and power supply I am not able to get feedback. This is not the case every time. For example, when I wrote the previous post I could communicate with the device perfectly. When I finished with my tests I disconnected everything and stored them away. Today I connected the hardware and using the same firmware on the microcontroller I cannot communicate with the device at all. From the power supply I can see that it is drawing current, but it does not supply any output on the MISO pin. In addition I cannot see it driving the DIO2(INT) pin.


Should I place any resistors on the MISO and INT pins ?

Also, I am supplying 3.5V at 2A max. When reading the wiki guide for evaluation with the ADISUSB board, it states that :

The following picture (left side) shows JP1 in the +3.3V position (factory-default). Change the JP1 jumper setting on the ADISUSB to the +5Vposition (shown on the right) required for the ADIS16375AMLZ

Should I power the board with 5V instead of 3.3V ? I am a bit confused.


Thank you for your time.


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