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AD9361 DC Offset and Adjacent Channel Leakage

Question asked by jacksod321 on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by tlili

Dear Sir/Madam:


        I am using AD8361 as RF chain for the receiver. The setup up is in the Slide #1 in the attachment. I experience two problems and suspect that I did not setup parameter correctly and hope someone can give me a recommendation. Thank You!!


Question-1: Always see spike near low freuqnecy on the power spectrum density (Please see Slide #2 in the attachment) and do not know where it comes from.


Question-2: Leakage from Adjacent channel with FIR filter turn on(Please see Slide #3 in the attachment). Suspect due to Fs of "HB1" equal to Fs of "Prog Rx FIR". If we set Fs of "HB1" is twice of "PROG RX FIR", would this will help?



        Thank you for your time and help~~~