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Switching ADXL346 Tap Axis

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2010 by jml

I have an application where I need to switch between sensing taps in different axis.  The part works fine when it start off sensing taps in the x-axis or y-axis, but when I change axis after detecting a tap, the ACT_TAP_STATUS register isn't changing to the new axis.


Here's what I am doing.  I've set the part to sense taps in the x-axis only.  After tapping the device, I see the correct values in the ACT_TAP_STATUS register saying it detected something in the x-axis.  I then disable sensing in the x-axis and enable the y-axis and tap the device again, but the register still indicates a tap in the x-axis.  Do I need to clear the SINGLE_TAP or DOUBLE_TAP interrupt in the INT_SOURCE register (0x30) before the ADXL346 will update the ACT_TAP_STATUS to indicate a tap in the new axis?  Also, how do I clear these interrupts?  Is that done just by reading the INT_SOURCE register?