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Conversion Loss in ADL5380

Question asked by RF_Dumb on Apr 29, 2015
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I am using ADL5380 for my mixer project. I have a very curios case here.


I have completed the circuit design for the demodulator ADL5380. At first, the circuit is functioning well which gave the 5.8dB voltage gain during the conversion. But after around 1 months, the demodulator shows a 9dB loss instead of gain. I not sure what had happened. I have tried to construct some new board but it still showing the 9dB loss instead of gain. I have tried to troubleshoot but i have run out of clues.


The demodulator is used to operate at 5GHz frequency and I expecting to see a 40MHz at each of the I and Q port. Everything is functioning and I even see the 40MHz signal at both the board. Just the conversion rate shows a 9dB loss instead of 5.8dB gain.


I should admit that I am lacking of RF experience. Is there anyone there have anymore suggestion? I am willing to try everything to get the demodulator functioning well.