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managing my own design with TCL?

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Apr 28, 2015
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We are using ADI's FMCOMMS2 HDL Reference Design as a baseline and modifying it for our own project.  These modifications include removing, adding, and re-wiring blocks at the board design level. At the same time, we want to maintain compatibility with updates to the reference design as they are released (ie - update to the latest Vivado tool releases and bug fixes when they become available). 


I am trying to understand how to best strategy to manage this by using the TCL scripts that are provided with the reference design. 


If I create my own TCL scripts (using the "write_project_tcl" and "write_bd_tcl" commands), the resulting scripts look considerably different than the custom ADI TCL scripts.  Other than manually keeping track of the corresponding TCL commands for every modification of the board design and placing those in the script after a successful build, do you have a suggested approach for managing changes to the reference design via TCL?