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ADV7611 iMX6 settings

Question asked by FreddyS on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



I have a problem with the ADV7611 operation on the iMX6Q based device.

I am not sure that ADV7611 output is compatible at all.

Please refer to the attached documents. As you can see CSI input of  freescale iMX6  can accept only these modes below:


RGB565 8 bits 2 or 3 cycles

RGB666 8 bits 3 cycles 

RGB888 8 bits 3 cycles

YCbCr  8 bits 2 cycles

RGB565 16 bits 2 cycles

YCbCr 16 or 20 bits 1 cycle


So the selected output of ADV7611 is:
"8-Bit SDR ITU-R BT.656 Mode 0" (from "ADV7611 (Rev. D).pdf")
and CSI input
"YCbCr  8 bits 2 cycles"


Does YCbCr requires 3 cycles?

Am I missing something with the cycles issue? 

The same interface works with ADV7181C nicely. So I am not sure that 2/3 cycles is a problem.


In addition, can you check my initialization sequence (attached too) is the last updated one? Every each bit... 

I took it from "ADV7611-Version 3.0c.txt" script for the evaluation board and added my own settings based on reading documentation.


Note:  my driver does not use interrupts. Is handling of interrupts necessary?


Thanks a lot for your advise and directions.