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ADIS16227 SPI communcations

Question asked by MarkN on Apr 28, 2015
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I’m trying to use the ADIS16227 with a Raspberry Pi over the SPI interface.  I’m communicating with the sensor using the linux spidev functions and sending commands using ioctl.  I’m not getting back the data that I’d expect.  I’ve been sending 0x5600 to read the product id and I’d expect to receive 3F63 (16227), the return values are almost always the same (sometimes they may have a byte different – 7F instead of 3F).


This is what I’m logging using printf when I send PROD_ID:

Sent: 0D 01 02 56 00 56 00

Returned: 7D 1F 3E 56 3F



Sent: 0D 01 02 58 00 58 00

Returned: 7D 3F 3E 58 7F


It feels like maybe I have the configuration wrong for the device.  Here are the settings I’m using:

Lsbfirst = 0

Bits = 8

SPI_Mode 3

SPI_clock speed 1 MHz


I guess the problems could be with timing too, I’ve ordered a logic analyzer which should hopefully be here tomorrow.


Thanks in advance.