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Genesys™ Virtex-5 FPGA Development Board and AD9739A Native FMC Card based frequency sytnesizer design issues?

Question asked by newbeeSAR on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by rgetz

I am using Genesys™ Virtex-5 FPGA Development Board from digilent. I want to design a frequency synthesizer utilizing  DAC board AD9739A FMC Card. I have seen the AD9739A Native FMC Card / Xilinx Reference Designs  given at I have a few queries regrading the capability of the design configuration:


1) Can the setup be used for generating frequency sweeps of 100 MHz bandwidth?

2) I want the frequency sweep to be generated at a carrier of 1.5 GHz (100 MHz bandwidth). Is it possible to achieve the same using the said configuration?


Is there another alternative for the choice of DAC board.