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the noise density comparing ADXL337 v.s KXR_94 - 2050

Question asked by kj.liu on Apr 28, 2015
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Hi Sir,


     My customer is comparing the noise density between ADXL337 and KXR-90-2050, he found out the ADXL337 noise density is 175ug/Hz and KXR-90-2050 is only 45ug/Hz, it's very big difference in this spec. After I check the competitor's spec, I found out it has 1kHz filter inside to make the noise density become small , so I wonder to know if in same test condition , is ADXL337 better than original spec or do we have any method to make this better througt external component? 


noise density.jpg

KXR-90-2050 data sheet: