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ADV7181C YPbPr 720P input, CP mode question

Question asked by JerryS on Apr 27, 2015
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I know ADV7181C is not recommendation for new design, but this project was work in 2013.

I have a problem with HDMI to YPbPr bridge in 720P output.

I have tried this bridge with ADV7181C EVB, and I found STDI can't lock input signal.

I capture bridge output waveform and compare with normal YPbPr 720P waveform, but the bridge output waveform seems to a little abnormal.

My question is some of TV or Monitor can display video with the HDMI to YPbPr bridge. Is it mean that TV has wide input tolerance?

Please kindly give me some recommendation. Thank you.


Normal YPbPr 720P output



HDMI to YPbPr Bridge output 720P Waveform