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Own board design with debugging and USB?

Question asked by neoK on Apr 27, 2015
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I have a design in mind for ADSP-21469 with some DACs, an ADC, and an IO expander. Not a large design. However I want to make sure I can (1) debug my software, and (2) do some control and data transmission via USB. This will require JTAG and USB interfaces (respectively).


Are there almost-ready-to-use PCB designs or can the evaluation board designs be adapted easily?


I have noticed that on evaluation board schematics the USB interface is not included -- can you please refer me to a USB solution?


And I found out there can be other hurdles, like in this topic:

("Going from 21469 EZ-KIT Lite to first hardware prototype" -- it's about license expiration, restrictions.... I'm not sure if the final conclusion of "I will be using the DanvilleSignal board for my small series hardware prototypes" can be of use to me, too)


I hope that with some choices of design at this early stage will ensure I can keep developing and not be stopped due to license issues. What path do you advise me to take?


Thanks for your help