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Linux with HDMI video output on ZC706 boards?

Question asked by Echosix on Apr 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by larsc

Hi I'm new in Zed-boards. Recently I want to build Linux with HDMI output on Zc706.


So I follow the steps on the newest wiki page Linux with HDMI video output on the ZED and ZC702, ZC706 boards [Analog Devices Wiki]


And here are some questions I met:


1.I know system.bit  is required while building boot Image. But how can I output such a file with HDL reference design? I went through the wiki pageADV7511 Xilinx Evaluation Boards Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] but still can't find the answer.

How to build the system.bit??

2. while making the kernel image, the wiki page use the command line"make uImage LOADADDR=0x00008000" but the uEnv.txt use a different loadaddress, Dose IT MATTER?



Any reply will be highly appreciated.