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New to ADI boards, need help to start coding and downloading executables.

Question asked by superamine on Apr 26, 2015
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I am new to analog devices boards, I used to work on stm eval boards based on arm microcontrollers, but I now in need of an application that uses the blackfin microprocessor and HDMI input/output so I bought the eval-adv7842-7511P. I managed to bootup the board and send commands through minicom and could see the repeeter working. Now I need to make my own code because I need to do some processing on the HDMI input before passing it to the output. So first I am downloading the github project from analogdevicesinc/linux · GitHub, it's taking a while. what is the next step, and how can I download my executable to the board without using a Jtag directly.

Can I use the RS232 to do that or the micro-usb connector.

Would be very glad to hear your suggestions and learn more about this.