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New to ADE7763, no data shown in ADE7753_63Eval r5p2 software while energy monitoring. Could anyone help me with this?

Question asked by Zeng on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Zeng

I bought ADE7763 recently. I followed the instruction in the datasheet to setup the evaluation board (p.7 in ADE7763EB Evaluation board datasheet, CT is connected to SK2, voltage lines areconnected to SK1), but I cannot get value from the software. What should I do?ade7763.png

My laptop OS is Windows7. I use a parallel port to USB converter so I select port USB. If I select parallel port the software will be crashed. IRQBOUT and ZXOUT LEDs will be on while supplying 5V to SK4 and SK5, but they will be off after supplying power to CT(SK2).