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ADV8005 Eval board - 7842/8005 Driver Color issues

Question asked by James-Intrinsyc on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by James-Intrinsyc

Using the ADV8005 eval board and the 7482/8005 application (1.90.2Rel, posted on the eval board files page), I notice that really dark areas have a blue/purple fringing when the board is booted up. Nothing has been configured - it is using default power on options after flashing the application and OSD binaries per the user guide.


I've attached images demonstrating this.


Original Signal 1080p60.jpg

This is the original signal from the source device, 1080p60.that is being fed into the 7842 (via JT12)


After 8005EVB 1080p60.jpg

This is the image that comes out of the 8005 (JT4). Note the blue fringing around the design, the logo, etc. Again, output is 1080p60.


HDMI RX Status:

Port     = A



Vid Det. = YES

Input    = HDMI

AV Mute  = OFF

Muted    = NO

Encryptn = OFF

Col Depth= 24 Bits

Output CS= YUV

Aud type = ASP

Freerun  = NO

3D Video = NO

VIC      = YES (16)

Input Timing  = 1920x1080p60


HDMI TX1 Status:

Chip PD  = NO

TMDS     = ON

HPD      = YES

Mon sense= YES

PLL lock = YES

Out mode = HDMI

Vid mute = NO

Clear AVM= YES

Set AVM  = NO

Aud Rept = YES


I2S En   = YES (0x1)

Det.InVIC= YES (16)

Encryptn = OFF


Curr Mode = Repeater

Det. Mode = Repeater

Output of stat.


Is there a configuration setting that needs to be adjusted or is it something to do with the 7842?