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Fmcomms1. Help me to understand how I and Q data how data is transmitted in an analog channel.

Question asked by kstk on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2015 by MiTfreak


The contents of the ad_serdes_out.v file

OSERDESE2 #(...)

  i_serdes (

    .D1 (data_s0[l_inst]),

    .D2 (data_s1[l_inst]),

    .D3 (data_s2[l_inst]),

    .D4 (data_s3[l_inst]),

    .D5 (data_s4[l_inst]),

    .D6 (data_s5[l_inst]),

    .D7 (data_s6[l_inst]),

    .D8 (data_s7[l_inst]),


OSERDESE2 - serialiser for transmission to the DAC

data_s0 - I data sample first sinewave

data_s1 - Q data sample first sinewave

and so on for the other three sine waves


Samples go one by one. Help me to understand - How four sine waves are transmitted in the analog channel? In the channel signal is generated, consisting of four different sine waves dots go one by one, isn't it?