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How to read complete data blob of ADIS16305 using linux

Question asked by Korbinian on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by pcercuei

Hi there,


I would like to use an ADIS16305 connected to a beagle bone black via SPI. I configured the corresponding overlays, the driver loads (Kernel 3.14.17) and I can read data via the sysfs/iio interface.


First question: is it problematic to use the ADIS16305 with the 16300 driver? The communication protocol and registers seem compatible...


My actual problem is that I would like to read all data at the full sampling rate of the IMU while my process should be triggered whenever new IMU data is available. I started using libiio. As a first test I tried examples/iio_read but I get the following error:Unable to allocate buffer.


Is it a driver problem? Should I use another Kernel?


Is it possible to get all data of the IMU at once just after the SPI data transfer is finished (without the need to read every single channel file in the sysfs) for example by a blocking read on /dev/iio:deviceX?


Thanks for your help