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Adding XADC to Zynq DeviceTree

Question asked by elta on Apr 23, 2015
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Hey dudes,


I'm working on a zc706 Zynq Board with a FMCOMMS3-module. I'd like to use the XADC (ADC on the Xilinx Board) to read two analog voltages (external ones). I checked the devicetree (from 2014-R2 release) and noticed that the XADC is already part of the devicetree.

Indeed going to "/sys/bus/iio/devices" directory I can observe that one of them is xadc (iio:device2 for me). However when we look at its attributes files it seems that the xadc only fulfills its system monitoring fonctions (access to a set of VCC voltages, internal temperature and sampling rate).

I would like to know if by default in your device settings, the xadc can read external voltages or do I have to add the xadc IP component?


Thanks for your help