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Supply voltage for ADV7125 and decoupling of VREF pin

Question asked by ysuzuki on Apr 23, 2015
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I have two questions about ADV7125.


1. The VAA pin is described "Analog Power Supply(5V +/-5%)." in table-6 ,datasheet.

   But VAA is allowed 3.3V in Table-2. I think the "Analog Power Supply" contains not only 5V but also 3.3V.

   Is it true ?


2. About decoupling for VREF pin.

   In the ADV7123 datasheet(Rev.D), I can see following description in P.18 reference input section.

     "The VREF pin is normally terminated to VAA through a 0.1uF capacitor"


   ADV7125 should be same connection ?

   ADV7125 should not be connected to GND through 0.1uF capacitor ?


   I saw "" and there is following comment.

     "The compensation loop is referenced to Vaa so the comp cap needs to be tied to Vaa."

   I assume that this comment describes about VREF pin.

   It is true ?