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How can to fix netlist after changing symbol pin order?

Question asked by andrew_cal on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by JGunao

Here is my netlist


* C:\Users\ROSE\Documents\ADIsimPE\inst_amp.wxsch


V1 V1_P 0 5

V2 U1_VS- 0 -5

V3 V3_P 0 1

V4 V4_P 0 0

X$U1 V4_P U1_RG1 U1_RG2 V3_P U1_VS- 0 U1_OUT V1_P AD8220 pinnames: IN- RG1 RG2 IN+ VS- REF OUT VS+


*.TRAN 1m

** Imported from: C:\Program Files (x86)\ADIsimPE_720\support\Models\

.ENDS AD8228

*** END MODEL AD8228


What I am using AD8220, but after fixing symbol pin, it changed to 8228 with the below errors as

There are errors in the circuit. Simulation aborted (11): .ENDS AD8228 ...

*** ERROR *** .ENDS control found without matching .SUBCKT



Please let me know how to fix this netlist error