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Question asked by Pasha on Apr 22, 2015
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In my project I use the sensor  ADIS16480 to determine the pitch and roll during movement of a car. I need to know a value of an angle accurate to 1 degree. At the moment I use Euler Angles. The settings of the sensor   are used by default . While I move the sensor on a plane surface I can see, that the  value of the angle is 5 degrees, and when I move the sensor circle-wise during 3-4 seconds, the  value can be  changed to 15 degrees. I think, it`s an error of the sensor, because the value of an angle must not exceed 0.3 degree.  An application of AVERAGING/DECIMATION FILTER was useless ( the magnitudes DEC_RATE = 245 and 2047 were used)

What must be done to obtain an essential value of pitch and roll on conditions that a car is moving and  the frequency  of an inquiry of the sensor  is 10 hz.

Thank you.