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ADV7282-M Chip ID

Question asked by Employee on Apr 21, 2015
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We are design Android driver for ADV7282-M(the processor/hardware platform is MTK6582), Since MTK platform the register function need to probe the chip's ID.

Take OV5662 as an Example,

===MTK Driver

#define OV5642_SENSOR_ID    0x5642

kdSensorList[MAX_NUM_OF_SUPPORT_SENSOR+1] = { ...



UINT32 OV5642YUVOpen(void)


     if (OV5642YUV_sensor_id == OV5642_SENSOR_ID)


     SENSORDB("Read Sensor ID Fail =0x%04x\n", OV5642YUV_Sensor_id);


===Linux Drivr

static int ov5642_video_probe(struct i2c_client *client)


    struct v4l2_subdev *subdev = i2c_get_clientdata(client);

    int ret;

    u8 id_high, id_low;

    u16 id;

    ret= ov5642_s_power(subdev, 1);

  if (ret < 0)

     return  ret;

/* Read sensor Model ID */

ret = reg_read(client, REG_CHIP_ID_HIGH, &id_high);

  if (ret < 0) goto done;

id = id_high << 8;

  ret = reg_read(client, REG_CHIP_ID_LOW, &id_low);

if(ret < 0)

  goto done;

id |= id_low;

dev_info(&client->dev, "Chip ID 0x%04x detected\n", id);

  if(id != 0x5642) {

  ret= -ENODEV;

  goto done;


   ret= 0;



   return ret;




I'm not sure what's the chip ID of ADV7282-M,  in UG-637, it show that


IDENT[7:0], Address 0x11[7:0]

This is the register identification of the ADV728x revision. Table 29 describes the various versions of the ADV728x.


From the text above , I think it's Silicon version description of AV7282-M , NOT the Chip ID. but I can't search any chip ID information in UG-637.


Could you help to advise if ADV7282-M has it's chip ID as other devices such as OV5642?