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Issue generating code coverage report / PGO data?

Question asked by mwn on Apr 21, 2015
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I am trying to generate a code coverage report using hardware-assisted profiling data in CCES 1.1.1. I have built my application with -D_PGO_HW -pguide -prof-hw and call pgo_hw_request_flush() inside my program, and .pgo and .pgt files are generated as expected during program execution.

However, upon terminating the program, CCES tries to finalize the PGO session but then claims that it can't find the .pgo file:


The .pgo file disappears at this point -- CCES seems to remove it, then can no longer find it? The .pgt file remains untouched. Am I doing something incorrect with my setup that would cause the .pgo file to be removed by CCES, or is this a bug?


If I attempt to generate a coverage report with the pre-finalized PGO/PGT files (flushed to Windows from pgo_hw_request_flush(), but not finalized by whatever CCES tries to do at program termination), the Reporter.exe generator hangs indefinitely (in an apparent malloc failure loop--memory usage begins to vary wildly). So, my interim profile data does not appear to be usable.

Does PGO data need to be "finalized" in order for a coverage report to be generated correctly? Is this something that I can do manually?


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your time,