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Problem with AD7612 and EVAL-AD7612

Question asked by svnag on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by jcolao


We have purchased AD7612 evaluation board(EVAL-AD7612) for evaluating our design.

Once the evaluation is completed, we will be purchasing more than 7000 pieces of AD7612 device from Analog Devices.

We have lot of problems with the waveforms and the waveform outputs are not as per our specifications or design.

We have connected a Xilinx FPGA board to the AD7612 board serially using the CNVST, RD, CS, BUSY, SDOUT, SCCLK through the testpoints available on the board.

We have made the switches set to WARP=0, IMPULSE=1, BIP=1, TEN=1, A0/M0 = 0, BYTE/M1=0, OB/2C = 1, SER/PAR = '1', EXTERNAL/INT='1', INVSYNC='0',INVSCLK='0', RDC='1', PD='0',

PDBUF='0', PDREF='0', RST='0'.



We have to configure the AD7612 serially, but since there is no SCCS test point available on the EVAL-AD7612 board, we are not able to configure the board serially by the external FPGA.



Can we manage the configuration settings through the DIP switches available on the board?

We are getting junk waveforms and none of the signals are coming properly.



We had to show the demonstration of our design, but because of this issue, we have missed our delivery schedules.

Please arrange an Application Engineer having suitable experience to come and see the setup at our company ASAP.


when RD bar is not connected.pngwhen RD bar is connected to FPGA gnd.png