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script for EVAL-ADV7611EBZ works sometimes?

Question asked by Floris4 on Apr 21, 2015
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When I'm trying to run the 6_1f_Port_A_1080p_YPrPb_444_in_RGB_444_out_Through_HDMI_VIC_16_31_32 script, I get a purple screen when I follow these steps;


1. Switch S3 is I2C disable state.

2. Turn power on

3. Send the EDID script

4. Send the 6_1f script (mentioned above)


When I;

1. Set the Switch in enable state

2. Turn power on

3. Turn the switch to disable I2C state.

4. Press the reset buttons and send the reset script.

5. Send the EDID and 6_1f script

-> it works fine. Can someone explain to me, what I'm missing?



Laptop -> HDMI cable -> Evaluation Board ADV7611 -> HDMI cable -> Monitor (for 1920x1080 setup)