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Query regarding ADV7180, ADV7511, ADV7611

Question asked by shamiksaha on Apr 21, 2015
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I have some queries regarding the following ICs:

  1. ADV7180/ADV7181C
    a. Does ADV7180 accept Analog Component RGB as an input? The datasheet mentions Component YPrPb but not RGB. Kindly confirm.

    b.  Can ADV7180 decode RS-170A, i.e., NTSC Composite input RGB. Kindly confirm.
    c. Our requirement is the decoding of Analog Component RGB, RS-170A and CVBS. Is ADV7181C a better option for our requirement?
  2. ADV7511 and ADV7611
    a. Our requirement is decoding and encoding of DVI 1.0 (1024 x 768 @ 50Hz) Video.  Can you confirm whether the above mentioned ICs can support a frame rate/refresh rate of 50Hz?

Thanks and Regards,
Shamik Saha