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AD623 gives constant output

Question asked by arodriguez0391 on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by JGunao

I currently have an AD623ANZ In-Amp I am using to read the voltage generated by a rotational strain gauge in a wheatstone bridge configuration. The device is hooked up in the same configuration as Figure 42 of the AD623 datasheet, with reference grounded, 5V at Vs and -4.9V at -Vs. I have generated voltage across the Vin pins varying from -2mV to 2mV, with gain resistor of 330 corresponding to gain G = 304. Regardless of the voltage across Vin, the In-Amp outputs -2.8mV. All the connections have been checked for continuity. Is there anything wrong in my understanding of this product? (I have ordered another amp in the case that this one has been short circuited.)