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AD7689 EVAL Board SPI Clock Behaviour

Question asked by Jon_B on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Jon_B

I've been looking at the EVAL-AD7689EDZ recently, as I am trying to extract best performance from this device.

The SPI clock, under control of the AD software (and EVAL-CED1Z), changes frequency in steps, according to the sampling rate set by the user.


For example, I saw this:


sampling rate = 42 to 53 kHz, SPI clock = 12.5 MHz

sampling rate = 54 to 75 kHz, SPI clock = 16.6 MHz

sampling rate = 76 to 129 kHz, SPI clock = 25 MHz

sampling rate = 130 to 250 kHz, SPI clock = 50 MHz


So I'm wondering, is there any special reason for doing this, rather just than using the highest frequncy for all sampling rates? Does it have noise advantages?