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ADV7619 IO register 0x42

Question asked by on Apr 20, 2015
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Hi All,


We have a remotely installed product, which has multiple ports with ADV7619s receiving the same signal from a source. We have an issue, that on one of these ports, we were not able to transmit video. By comparing the register sets of the working ports with the register set of the faulty one, we've found out that on the faulty port, register 0x42 of the IO map is 0x54 instead of 0x14.

So for the bad port, we have an additional bit set in the register table.

Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation on this bit. Can you tell us what does this mean? We are trying to get closer to the root cause of this problem, and any information would be useful.


Additional details:

- Video format: 1920x1080@50p

- We were able to read out the resolution and pixel rate corretly from all ports (including the faulty one)

- The ADV7619 sends something on it's output, but the receiver cannot reproduce the signal.


Best regards,

Arpad Maroti