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Part 1: First project using a SHARC, 21261, Some Questions.

Question asked by diydsp on Apr 20, 2015
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Hi all


I'm still fairly new around here and new to the SHARC platform as a whole, so recently I started a fairly ambitious DSP project after reading through literately tons of SHARC material, I think I'm finally comfortable to start development.


I'm basically interested in building, not buying, a small SHARC 100mmx100mm audio 4-layer board for "basic" Audio DSP research using a SHARC-21261 150MHz processor, Also my goal is, after obtaining success with this board, it will be a run up to a more powerful SHARC 21489 self developed board, for now.. I wanted to keep things simple, also note im using the sharc 21261 EZ-BOARD as a hardware guide to reduce the error rate as the waters are deep and it feels like  im "swimming with sharcs"


My objective for this project is as follows. 



* To obtain knowledge on an how to layout a SHARC DSP board, I'm using Altium Designer.

* Get a basic level of understanding on how the SHARC platform works (both hardware and software)

* How to program DSP code, perform processing, debug using CCS using ADSP JTAG hardware.

* How build and load binaries to the SPI flash memory.


My first question



1) How much external SRAM memory is required for multichannel audio processing using a SHARC-21261 ? ( 6-channels of audio at the highest sample rate)...


2) Attached is progress of the board, thus far I have the power supply section completed which consists of a 5V and local regulators 3.3v and 1.2V on a 4 layer board.  



Thank you in advance,