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FMCOMMS1 Linux driver support - newbie question

Question asked by BrianUCSD on Apr 20, 2015
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I am bootstrapping myself with respect to the FMCOMMS1-EBZ board running on the Zed Board.  I successfully implemented the sample project for the FMCOMMS1 in which I and Q sinusoids are generated via DDS in the AD9122 (DAC) chip, modulated and transmitted and then are received by the RX chain.  I first implemented this using the no-OS drivers in which my SDK project contained the .h and .c files for the various Analog Devices chips.  I then downloaded the Linux sample code and created the SD card image and successfully demonstrated proper operation the Linux-based sample application as depicted in this image (source: AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ Quick Start Guides [Analog Devices Wiki]):




What is unclear to me is, if I were to write my own software application hosted on the Linux OS running on the ARM, how would I have access to the AD device drivers from within the ADC Linux distribution?  I have found the ADC Linux Drivers wiki (Linux Drivers [Analog Devices Wiki]), which contains almost all the chips I need (I was unable to find the AD9548).  Each contains a section on supported devices, supported boards, source code, example platform initialization, etc.:

Clearly, the IIO scope is having success accessing the chips, presumably by making API calls on the device drivers in the same manner that the no-OS SDK project did (see image below)  However, in the Linux OS hosted on the Zed Board ARM that runs the IIO Scope app, I am unable to locate the *.c, *.h or *.a files identified in the wiki.