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ADUC7060 - Can XTAL1 be used for timer 1 input?

Question asked by ELADI on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2010 by MikeL

Can the XTALI pin be used as the T1 (Timer 1) input pin for a General Purpose Input?  It looks like it should be possible if T1CON[10:9] are set to [10] which selects XTALI as the clock input for Timer1.  It looks like the XPD bit of POWCON0 might have to be set to '1' for this to work but that does not appear to be a problem.  We still want to clock off the internal 32 KHz oscillator so PLLCON will be kept at its default value of 0x00.  The T0 input is not available in our design because we are using asynchronous communication and T0 is multiplexed with SIN.