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Tx power monitor in NO-OS mode

Question asked by sotonzi on Apr 20, 2015
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I am trying to setup the Tx power monitor using the NO-OS driver code that were downloaded from github, I am using branch 2014_r2.

From the code I found most of the TPM setting are done in the ad9361_txmon_setup function which ran when the ad9361 is setup when the software runs. However, the TPM is only enabled in function ad9361_txmon_control by setting D7 in 0x06E. So my question is to enable the TMP, I will need to call the api function ad9361_set_rx_rf_port_input(*phy, mode) by setting the mode parameter to 9? Is that right and is there anything else I have to do? I am new to the software and any comment is welcome.