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about AD5933 EVAL board

Question asked by tigerban on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by LouijieC

Dear Madam or Sir,
i have purchased two sets of AD5933 eval board,since testing software by supplied in package box's CD can not meet the  our application requirements, so we downloaded the application source code from your company web site. but We find the corresponding program can not debug through in VB6.0 or VB5.0, the main errors have two. the first error is from1.log show line 569: cannot load Strip2; the lincese can not be found; line 630: cannot load Strip1; the lincese can not be found; the second error is "Firmware failed to download-Check USB connections". in order to increasing our application's speed, we hope to get your powerful support, i hope to get USB driver's code between Personel computer and ad5933 eval board, if you are conbenient, please provide your Software development platform. if you can provide your source code compiler platform, our development cycle will decrease largely.  we are very appreciate if you can answer quickly,
thank your attention.
   your sincerely  banhua