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Problem while programming LineCycle Accumulation in ADE7758

Question asked by Amol on Apr 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by dlath

Hi everyone,

I am having problem while programming for line cycle accumulation, I am not getting pulse at IRQ neither LENERGY bit of RSTATUS register is raised. Here are my settings.



      //Enable LEnergy Interrupt to indicate that Linecyc are finished.

      ADE.write24bits(0x18,0x001000);//MAsk Register to enable respective interrupts


      ADE.write8bits(0x17,0xBF);           //LCYC MODE 0xBF

      ADE.write16bits(0x1C,0x800);     //LINECYC 0x800


       ADE.write16bits(0x33,0xFFE6);//AVRMSOS = -26 (2s compliment of 26=0xFE6)

        ADE.write16bits(0x34,7);//BRMSOS = 8

        ADE.write16bits(0x37,0xFB40); //BIRMOS = -1216


I have not done anything other than this. The problem is I am not getting pulse at IRQ neither LENERGY bit is set.Do I need to set some more registers like APCFNUM/ APCFDEN and VARCFNUM/ VARCFDEN ?

I am using only Phase B & reading BWATTHR. ZXSEL bits in LCYC mode are all set that is all ZXSEL bits are '1'.

I have been testing this from few days but not able to get any result.

Please suggest.