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AD623 Issues

Question asked by NarayanMandyam on Apr 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by Emman.A

Hi, I am using AD623 as a current to voltage converter by using a shunt resistor. The supply rail is 5V, the gain is set to 1 (Rg  pins open).

The voltage output follows the input voltage across the shunt till a value of about 4.7V and after that it jumps directly to 5V . What could be the reason. i have also tried connecting the return line of the shunt to the IC ground line with same effect.


Another issue is that many of these ICs are failing after some time. Can there be issues with spikes generated when the sensor which is producing the current input starts up. I had this issue with Texas Inst Amps because of which I shifted the design to AD623.