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ADV7611 and windows photo viewer

Question asked by mferraro on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by mferraro

I have developed a product which takes 3 HDMI inputs (via ADV7611) and converts them to three 3G SDI outputs; at 1080p60 using a FPGA.

It works great; I set up the ADV7611's over I2C on power up and they do the rest.


A customer recently discovered an issue under Windows 7 with 3 displays cloned.

When he opens Windows photo viewer -- the system seems to hang for 25 seconds; and then opens the picture.

Subsequent executions of Windows photo viewer are ok.

After a reboot, the open windows photo viewer will cause a system hang.

Using any other monitor does not cause this to happen (so they claim)


I'd don't know enough about about HDMI or Video drivers;  but  does the HDMI receiver get interrogated for its color capability over the DDC ?

If so, does the ADV7611 automatically answer? Or do I need to configure or manage that somehow?

And why does this specifically occur when windows photo viewer launches; I would think it happens on Windows booting.



Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Matt Ferraro