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digital control of simpler, lower power supplies ref designs

Question asked by gigneil on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by LtCommData

I appreciate the raw power with flexible interface that the ADI Digital Power suite offers - but I am curious about simpler designs in compact form factor with tight control, monitoring, and the like.


Some examples of the supplies we're exploring with various ICs -


Universal line in - 5V 20A out (4x 5A rails or 1 20A, either is ok, prefer 4x)

Universal line in - 26V 3a out via LDO, 5V .5A, 3.3V .5A for precision reference platform (compact)

DC to DC  12 to 19.5 in 16.5V out, 5V .5A, 3.3V .5A

DC to DC 32V to 26V 3a out - 26V 3a out via LDO, 5V .5A, 3.3V .5A for precision reference platform (compact , alternate)


This one is a bit larger:  Universal line , PFC, 3 fully isolated out, programmable 0-32V 0-5A, 5V 3A, 12V 3A for  precision test and build lab


We like digital power for its flexibility in respoding to adverse conditions as well as its reduced part count and board size - some of these supplies will encounter very capacitive loads and be subject to short, or may generate a lot of heat, and we want them to regulate into that fault and fail with grace. 


Thanks for any pointers you may have .