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ADV8003/5 Dynamic OSD

Question asked by ChrisInSeoul on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

My product is currently based on the ADV7623, and we are evaluating upgrading to the ADV8003/5.  We have to control the OSD engine dynamically, as one main function of the product is to act as an external closed caption decoder for HDMI sources.  We have other instances where we need to dynamically draw boxes and icons on the screen.  Getting all this to work on the ADV7623 was a major headache, as the OSD interface wasn't well documented.  But it's now working.  Knowing that the ADV8003/5 is bitmapped, it's possible that the interface with the ADI chip might actually be simpler, moving much complexity to the micro-controller.  In theory, at least.


As I review the ADV8003 information looking for the details of the OSD interface, it looks like the key information has been omitted from the "standard" manuals.  There are statements like:

     "...many of the [OSD engine's] SPI registers are not described in this section"


     " dynamically configure the OSD, configuration registers need to be controlled. Note that all this configuration is taken care of by Blimp OSD and the firmware, so a detailed explanation of the DDR2 SPI interface is not provided."


Q1.  Where can I get this information?


The ADV8003 appears to have good support for passing through VBI information such as closed captioning.  It occurs to me that there might be a provided module (via Blimp, or just native to the reference design software) to render it as well.  If so, I couldn't find it by a cursory search of the documentation nor this forum.  But if such exists, I might be able to satisfy my requirements by spoofing my overlay images as special streams of CC data.  This would depend quite a few details, the least of which is whether EIA-708 was supported by the renderer, or only EIA-608 (WST or NABTS support might work as well).


Q2.  Does the ADV8003/5 reference software support the dynamic rendering of closed captioning information?  If so, which formats?





p.s. The Blimp tool looks MUCH MUCH improved over the equivalent ADV7623 tool.  Good job, ADI!