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Booting Arrow ARRADIO card

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Apr 16, 2015
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I can’t seem to boot the card. The image (2014_R2, 6th feb. 2015, ) seems to be good and is configured using Win32diskimager, the board seem to be working and the picture comes up in the monitor but with no Linux or menus etc.


I followed as much as possible wrt the Terasic documentation (C58_user_manual_rev_D_hardware.pdf from socket user manual) and the wiki . Must say the Terasic doc is not the best docs I’ve seen. I’ve set the boot jumper J18, J19, J17 to “101” respectively and default the Clksel 1/0 to “00”. Copy the sd card terasic files to top director.  The ‘clksel’ is not descrble well in the docs.


I notice the sockit-ad9361 director only has soc_system.rbf, socfpga.dtb, and uimage. It does not have the boot.bin or the devicetree.dtb like the others is this correct?


Can you advise the above is correct and/or what else I might be missing in booting up the devices.


Does the Win32diskimager format and image the card at the same time.


Appreciate your help in getting the sd-card to boot up the linux etc