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About SPI connection to the AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ

Question asked by BobbyChang on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by rgetz

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Now we apply the AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ connected with SYNOPSYS HAPS-70 platform with V7 FPGA on-board.


Qesttion 1: Is any driver of AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ needed to worked with this FPGA platform


Since the on-board V7 FPGA supports V_Interface lower than 1.8 V and that is not match with the content configed in the EEPROM on AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ. So we remove the EEPROM IC. The AD9361 IC now can receive 1.3 V from the on-board regulator and 1.8 V form VADJ FMC interface (supplied by FPGA).


Qesttion 2. : Is the AD9361 now ready to receive SPI commands? or any setting we should confirm or change?


We write a simple SPI commands following the SPI command format indicated in the reference mamual of AD9361. The SPI waveform including SPI_ENB, SPI_DIO, SPI_CLK (we use three-wires mode) can be detect successfully on the test point around FMC inteface on

AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ, but the desired response output data from AD9360 can not be read on the SPI Bus.


Qesttion 3:  Any setting we should confirm or change to build the SPI connection?


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