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Question asked by ADIguy on Apr 16, 2015
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I have a couple of questions about the EKIT01-HMCAD1520. More specifically,

about the daughter card that holds the HMCAD1520.



1. Is it known if the daughter card is compatible with other Xilinx demo boards

besides the SP601. I’m interested in evaluating the ADC using a KC705 board. I

expect I would need to write my own firmware, but was wondering if anyone had

looked into the hardware compatibility.



2. Is the daughter card available without the SP601?  As I mentioned above, I’m

interested in testing the ADC using the KC705. Even, it that turns out not to

be feasible, I already have an SP601 and I’d rather not buy a second one if I

can avoid it. Thanks for any information you can provide.