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Problems with camera EI3 extender MT9V024 frame capture example.

Question asked by ChrisWebber on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by -tim-



So I have been using an edited form of the example project Frame Capture for the Aptina MT9V024 camera on the BF609 EZ-kit and I've run into the following error when running the configmultiplexer function in sensor.c.


/* Write a value of 0x1 to register 0 of multiplexer */
LocalBuf[0] = 0x0;
LocalBuf[1] = 0x1;


if(adi_twi_Write(ghTWIDevice, LocalBuf, 2u, false) != ADI_TWI_SUCCESS)
    return ADI_MT9V024_FAILURE;


This results in a failure ADI_TWI_BUFFER_ERROR.


I have so far been completely unable to make any headway against this and any help would be greatly apreciated. I am connecting the sensor to the extender board by way of a headerboard from Aptina.