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ADV212: Merging tiled data

Question asked by Learner99 on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Learner99

We are planning on splitting up large images to parallelize encoding using HIPI mode.  I had two questions:


1) We see the tech note "ADV202 Y/CbCr Merging in Multi-Chip Mode", and it mentions Verilog code.  Does anyone know where the code can be obtained?


2) I'm simulating this process in Kakadu and C++ to start the VHDL process, and having some trouble.  My current process is to split a large image into 256 tiles, and then individually compress them using Kakadu.  My code to merge the resulting tiles copies all tiles into a single file, in raster order, modifying as follows:

  • In the first tile, replace the relevant SIZ fields with the larger image size
  • In all subsequent tiles, strip off everything until the SOT (ff90) field.  Replace the tile index in the SOT field with the correct raster order tile index
  • Remove all FF9D end-of-data except the last one.


The results are great for several images (in Kdu_show), but for some others, it has extreme noise for any frame except the first.  So, the questions - are there any documents describing how to merge multiple tiles that have been split up and then encoded by separate ADV212 chips?  Is anything obviously wrong with my simulation?


As always, I really appreciate the help!