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Problem: ADE7758 takes measures reactive energy under resistive load

Question asked by Harry077 on Apr 16, 2015
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I'm starting with the calibration process for the ADE7758 using line cicle mode with a 300Watts, 220V load (two incandescent bulb lamps 150W each). I tried different accumulation periods and I always get pretty similar WHR/LSB constants.


I noticed I should verify that the aparent energy accumulated was the same that the active energy and in result that was not the case.


A sample measure for phase A are these:


AWATTHR = 0xFE00 = 65024d

AVARHR = 0xFF8FFF= -28673d

AVAHR = 0x115FF = 71165d


At least, all the measure seem to verify S^2 = P^2 + Q^2, just a 0.14% difference. Hope anybody could guide me with this matter.