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Gyroscope Nonlinearity

Question asked by ibravias on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by ibravias

How do I measure Nonlinearity in a MEMS gyroscope?

ADIS16445,SELF-TEST indicate normal,  Bias Corrected, ARW and IRBS is normal.

Dynamic Range: ±62°/sec ; Sample Rate : 819.2 SPS

The Measure-value is an average of 20-sec's gyro data.


1. I don‘t think my ADIS16445 was working  in normal. Since the Measure-Value has significant difference between Actual-value.

2. I'm wondering my formula of Nonlinearity is correct.  (62 is Dynamic Range)

eg: (blue column in the chart)   Nonlinearity = 0.043/62 = 0.0687%