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Does Zedboard GPIO still work ADI in the latest linux kernel?

Question asked by henry10210 on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by larsc

Hello everyone, can anyone confirm if the Zedboard GPIO (e.g. LED) still works on the latest adi xcomm_zynq kernel from ADI github repository?


I've been working with the ADI's xcomm_zynq kernel (3.15) that I cloned from github almost a year ago without any problem.  Recently, I figured out how to run Linux on CPU0 and my bare metal (no OS) ARM code on CPU1.  With the 3.15 kernel, my bare metal code could light up the LEDs.


Then this past weekend, I thought I would catch up with the latest ADI kernel (3.18).  Everything worked as before (slight change in /sys/devices organization), EXCEPT that GPIO LEDs don't light up any more.  It is bizarre that changing the Linux kernel running on CPU0 would prevent the bare metal code running on CPU1 from lighting up the LED, yet this is what is happening.  It is NOT the DTB; both the old and the new DTB WORK when run with the 3.15 kernel but do NOT work when fed to the new kernel.


I've never bisected a kernel before, so I thought I would check with others about the status of the Zedboard GPIO LEDs on the latest ADI xcomm_zynq kernel.  Thank you very much for reading.


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