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AD9364 bufferouput on No-OS

Question asked by BennyP on Apr 16, 2015
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I'm a young graduated hardware engineer and I'm using the AD9364 device for a project. I am using the fmcomms 4 and I installed the No-OS software on the ZC706 board. It's the first time I am using Vivado and SDK software so I don't know how work all the tools.


Everything is working correctly, testing the Tx path, I can have on my spectrum a signal with -50 dBc rejection with a sinewave generated by the DDS or picked from the DDR3 by the DMA (writing a sine with the dac_init() function).


To really test the component for our utilisation, I need to buffer an OFDM sequence into the DDR3 large enough to be able to get results. The DDR3 on the  ZC706 is 1GBytes size.

With a sampling rate = 30.72 MSPS, 3 bytes (word I + word Q),

I can store max 92.16 Mbytes/s, so let's say 10 seconds of continuous data.

It can be enough but adding the soft requirement and the writing sequence (declaration like "const uint16_t sine_lut[32]") for this sequence will reduce the size of the sequence.

We are actually working to cut the sequence and play it cycling.