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USB Extender Kit: How to response to USB requests?

Question asked by rkn on Apr 15, 2015
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I changed the example software for the USB-Audio on a Sharc now to USB Audio Class 2.0 in High-Speed mode. At least the host seems to accept the configuration now because it starts to communicate with my device. The device appears as a new device but then the host stops. I found out that the host is waiting for a request. I isolated it to the following:

I'm getting the request (in hex)

0xa1 0x02 0x1000 0x4100 0x0e

Which is a range request for the clock entity.

The place to response to this request is USB_Services_DeviceRequestHandler(), isn't it?

But how do I response there? The examples given there in the code are not really helpful. Tried already to copy them.

Any help is welcome! Perhaps someone how made the example code can have a look?