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Testing example code with AD-FMCOMMS3 & zedboard

Question asked by JP-Park on Apr 15, 2015
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I'm zedboard & AD-FMCOMMS3 user, and I have some questions because my research is not going well.

I'm interesting wi-fi, and i will implment 802.11a system at zedboard & AD.

then i test example code provided by analog device.

Graph below plotted with matlab represents the real part of stf(short training field) of 802,11a.


I wanted to know if it is applicable to FMCOMMS3, so did the test adding the stf real part to the example provided by the analog device.

Screen below shows the example code provided by analog device : send sin wave -> confirm at vivado


And I added stf_re_lut[32] at dac_core.c to make the stf value into integer value, then changed to hex and saved.

(To change to Hex, I used the stf real value as absolute value.)


The screen below shows the example code sending sin wave., which I amended.(dac_core.c)example03.png

After I implement at zedboard and sent it, the screen showed as below. The wave form didn’t look like that I expectd, and the amplitude also was different. (example code : sine wave amplitude is same - I1, Q1)


Here are my questions .

1. I’m doing some tests about applying 802.11a now, so I wonder if it will be possible to make them by fixing this example code. (Of course, FFT & Viterbi decoder is made of Verilog code.)


2.. Is there any wrong point in the process of making to hex in order to send the stf real value?

      (ltf, signal, data, etc also will be made with the same methods.)

      I transformed the Stf real value : decimal point -> integer value -> absolute value -> hex

      If it is wrong, I wonder how to fix it.

3.   And I’m using fmcomms3 at zedboard, I’m curious that if I use 2 zedboards, fmcomms3 in distant positions, they can exchange signals. If that is possible, how can i test board(using vivado?  SDK? or another program?)

(or at least a reference that will be helpful),


4.  The data depth of wave form shows 1024 maximum in vivado.,  Is there any way to increase it?


5. I tried the console print to see which values can be shown in adc, and the maximum was 1024. When I use the for loop and if it exceeds 1024, it became broken. Is there any means to expand it?



6. Last question : I want to know the values shown at adc are really sent from the Antenna. The values are shown even in the situation with no Antenna, so is there any possibility that the signals are sent to



Sorry for a lot of questions.

Looking forward to your reply.